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Tablecloths, dinnerware, centerpieces, and napkins are just a few of the items needed to create an eye-catching table setting. Bring your decorations to the next level to make any special occasion memorable with fabric linens. Because guests will be spending more time sitting at tables, your table decorations should leave an impression.

Table napkins play a significant role in enhancing the appearance of your tables. Napkins add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your dining tablescape. By stacking napkins on top of tablecloths, you can protect your linens from spills and stains. Show off your tableware and utensils by wrapping them artistically in napkins and using them as an accent piece.

5 pcs 20

5 pcs 20"x20" Premium Velvet Napkins

5 pcs 20

5 pcs 20" x 20" Polyester Dinner Napkins with Metallic Geometric Pattern

Cheesecloth Napkins

Cheesecloth napkins are ideal for trendy and modern parties. These stylish table napkins, made of high-quality cotton fabric with intentional gauze wrinkles, are perfect for rustic weddings or countryside-themed parties and events. This delicate and romantic table napkin is available in muted shades of dusty blue, rose, and sage and is excellent for boho-themed events. We also have other colors in our collection that will go well with any party decor!

Velvet Napkins 

Velvet napkins will turn your ordinary meal into a festive one. The soft texture and rich tone of these napkin fabrics will help you create different folds and bring elegance to your dining table-scape.

5 Gauze Cheesecloth Cotton Dinner Napkins - Teal

5 Gauze Cheesecloth Cotton Dinner Napkins

5 Checkered Gingham Polyester Napkins 15

5 Checkered Gingham Polyester Napkins 15" x 15"

Polyester Napkins 

Dress up and accessorize your party tables in style according to your theme, need, and preference. Polyester napkins are the most popular choice for most events. These napkins are very durable and are perfect for most kinds of folds. You can easily create crowns, roses, and other decorative napkin folds to impress your guests. Fold these napkins to creatively showcase your menu card. Napkins are versatile and functional - a must have for your event tables!

Satin Napkins

Satin napkins are soft and shiny and can be laid flat on a table. They will work with simple roll or fold and can be accented with napkin rings. Great for weddings, parties, and formal occasions.

Tafetta Napkins

Taffeta napkins are textured table napkins with a crinkled pattern and a metallic sheen. They are created with high-quality taffeta fabric and serve as an elegant decorative centerpiece for most formal gatherings such as weddings, corporate events, and special occasions. Pair them with napkin rings to up the ante and add a touch of elegance. Check out our new accordion taffeta collection to impress your guests and take your design to the next level!

5 Accordion Crinkled Taffeta Dinner Napkins - Navy Blue

5 Accordion Crinkled Taffeta Dinner Napkins

Sequined Napkin 20

Sequined Napkin 20" x 20"

Sequin Napkins

Sequin napkins are the type that you would like to add to your table if you are looking to bring glitz and glamour through your party decorations. A triangle fold will look great with these napkins.

Paper Napkins

For most parties that are prone to spills and stains, paper napkins are a safe bet. Because of its low cost, it is also an excellent substitute for linen napkins. These napkins are made of air-laid paper and non-woven material and are available in different printed designs that will add a trendy touch to any dining table setting. Because of its durability, it is an excellent choice for formal events in place of regular napkins. We also have ordinary paper napkins with cute designs and prints perfect for more casual and laid-back occasions. Paper napkins will allow you to concentrate on the preparation rather than the cleanup. Ideal for children's parties, cocktail parties, and casual gatherings.

20 pcs 13

20 pcs 13" x 13" Metallic Paper Napkins

24 Square 10

24 Square 10" Leaves Design 2-Ply Paper Dinner Napkins with Gold Rim - White

Napkins are a stylish yet functional accent pieces that can take your table-scape from drab to fab. Using table napkins, you can enhance the appearance of your tabletop and highlight the decoration of your table setting. Create a cozy ambiance and an elegant dining experience by organizing a comfortable set-up. Check out our napkin collection; we have a variety of materials and colors to suit your style and party theme. Don't forget to share your party ideas in the comments section!

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